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Hey guys,

I bought a new copy of the Sims, I finished college for the year and I finally have some time to play again. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll ever be able to get this story up and running again – all my CC used has been deleted and my saves are all somewhere in the depths of my hard-drive.


Over the next few weeks I’m going to try really hard to fix this. And failing that I’ll just write up the end of the story without screencaps, or using a few I might still have saved.

Anyways, sorry it’s been so long. I’m going to start up a new story/legacy when I get my hands on a copy of Generations.

I’ll get back to you with my new links =)

Game Issues

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I’d just like to apologise for the lack of updates recently. I started university and suddenly didn’t have the time to play video games anymore.

I was hoping to get chapter 9 up this week… but it looks like I’m having game issues since the last update (uh-gain).

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Hopefully I’ll be able to fix this problem soon, like I fixed all the others!

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Day Eight – Unexpected Events

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The five friends spend most of the next morning sleeping. Their new camp site is perfect. They have plenty of food, clean clothes, light and warmth. Ed really had been trying hard to help them to survive in this monstrous place. Amongst the salvaged items there is a radio and an old mobile telephone.

Syn wakes up first and tried to figure out a way to get the equipment working again. If they could only send out some kind of distress signal then it might be received by a passing ship or plane. If there ever are any.

Syn looks towards Kat with a sad smile.

“I don’t know, but I hope so.”

Kat quickly changes the subject.

“Your face is already healed!”

“Yeah, it’s about the only good thing this virus does. Your black eye seems to be looking good too.”

Down at the beach, Roza is fishing and Skye is chatting to his sister Jaimie. There is tension between Skye and Roza, the two have barely spoken since yesterday. Neither of them wants to change into the clothes left for them by Ed. Most likely they both feel too guilty. They wouldn’t be in this situation if they hadn’t mistrusted their friend. But how can you trust someone that has been infected by zombie monsters? They were just trying to protect the rest of the group. And after Doris and Raye were also infected, they  hadn’t wanted to take any chances.

Back up on the hill, Syn has given up on trying to fix the radio and telephone. He doesn’t have the first idea how to make these things work the way they need them to, if only his education hadn’t been cut short by the brain-munchers…

The pair head off down the road together and moments later Jaimie arrives back at the camp, which has been abandoned. Skye and Roza are still down at the cove together.

You’d think this lot didn’t even want to escape anymore. Now that they have each other. I just want to go home. I want to get back to teaching. I miss my pupils. I wonder if everyone thinks we’re dead…

A cold wave of panic passes over Jaimie as she thinks about the possibility that no-one is looking for them any more. It has been over a week now, even though it feels like months, and there has not been a single boat or plane fly near to the island. If they’ve given up searching then we will never escape!

Kat and Syn have settled down for a quiet lunch alone. This side of the island is a lot quieter than where they were before. The birds are singing and the hypnotic wash of the waves on the shore provide a sense of peace and comfort.

Syn notices how incredibly beautiful Kat is when she’s happy. Her smile could outshine the sun and her eyes twinkled with excitement.

This was the moment Syn decided what he had to do next to ensure he never lost her.

Kat takes the instrument and begins to play a song for Syn. The lyrics are ones she had written just before the day of the crash. About destiny, about finding someone special and not letting them go through anything. Her voice sounds like nothing like Syn had ever heard, so soft and emotional.

She puts down the guitar and walks slowly towards Syn, who is stunned to silence by her music.

Syn turns around and covers his eyes. His heart pounds in his chest at the thought of what he is about to do. His thoughts are interrupted by Kat beckoning him to turn around again.

They walk down to the water together. The sun is beginning to set on another day and the sky turns to a romantic shade of pink.

“you want to go in first?” Kat says.

Syn reaches into his pocket. He looks nervous and takes in a deep breath in.

He thinks to himself;  ‘Just do it, you’ll regret it if you don’t.’

I know it’s quick, we barely know each other yet but… when I was fighting the monsters,all I could think about was you. And how I want so bad to get us out of here. I want to see you perform and take you out to dinner… I want to treat you like you deserve to be treated! I promise I’ll protect you until my last day.

Kat is too shocked to reply. Every cell in her body wants to scream ‘yes’ and even her mind shouts out to  her ‘Syn risked his life for you!’

As the evening turns into night the two lovers head back up to the camp site. Roza is sleeping next to Skye and Jaimie is still looking out into the lonely night sky.

Kat runs over to Skye…

Roza looks angrily at her brother, she begins to speak but is interruppted by Jaimie shouting from the cliffs edge.

The rest of the group run towards Jaimie. They too can hear the voices! Could it be rescue? Or other people passing by the island? These were definitely not the shouts of a monster.  At last a glimmer of hope!

They shouted and shouted but soon the voices were gone. They were definitely human, a male and a female, and they were shouting for help. Who could they be? If it was rescue, why were they needing help? Was this another zombie trick?

The group stared out into the darkness but could see nothing.

Were the voices even real? Or had they all gone slightly mad from being in this place for so long?

To be continued…

As the seventh day begins to unfold, the situation has gone from bad to worse. Skye, Jaimie, Kat, Roza and Syn have fallen into a trap set for them by the monsters of the Simfected island. Trapped with them are two of their friends who have also become infected but seem to have the last remains of sanity still  in tact.

A terrifying scene begins to unfold as Syn reveals his violent side and throws himself onto a creature much larger than him. Although it shocks everybody to see him act this way, roaring and seething just like the monster he is fighting, he is doing it for their sake so they might escape.

Fists fly and blood begins to pattern the walls whilst everyone looks on in horror as Syn is knocked down over and over again.

If only there was someone who could save them…

Beyond the scuffle a large figure appears by the stairway.

Kat is unaware that Ed had been blamed for her disappearance, and his captors had not mentioned that he was trapped in the building by the junk yard all this time.

Ed forces his way into the cavern and the four half-zombies surround the Simfected, ready to attack. The humans and Roza rush past throught the open gate and up the stairs to safety.

Syn shouts out for them to wait at the cemetery until they come to get them.

Skye, Roza, Kat and Jaimie arrive at the cemetery and begin to wait for the chaos to end. Everybody feels uneasy for leaving the others behind with that huge monster man, but at four against one there is a good chance that they’ll be able to take him down.

Skye and Rozas moment is cut short by the sound of crying from their friends. They both blush and look away from one another.

” Are you alright Kat? Is there something going on between you and Syn?” asks Jaimie.

” I…uh… yeah… sort of…”

As Kat sleeps for a while the other discuss the possibility of their friends not making it out alive and what they might do then. Roza knows that she is not strong enough to protect the humans and that without Syn their chances of ever getting out of there are slim to none.

Almost an hour later the sound of  foot steps echoes along the path of the cemetary.

There was a look of sadness in Syn’s  eyes that seemed to tell  of the horrible fight that had gone on between the zombies. He drew in a deep breath and looked to towards the ground. He began to say “I need to tell you all something….” but was abruptly interrupted by Kat pulling his face towards hers.

And sure enough Syns eyes were no longer a demonic shade of red but a sparkling blue. Just like they were when he was all human.

What could have caused this changed? Did it mean he was getting better? Was compassion a cure for the infection? Or could it be the feelings fast developing between him and Kat?

The other survivors all greet Syn with a hug of pure relief. Upon seeing her brothers bright blue eyes Roza seems confused and almost jealous but Skye, feeling racked with guilt, wants to know where the others are and shouts out..

There is a moment of tense silence..

Doris and Ray became wilder and wilder as they fought. They began to turn on me and Ed…It wasn’t their fault. It was the infection taking them over… Feeding on their rage… Ed got beaten really bad. He told me to take you all up to the peak that overlooks the light house. I don’t know why. He let me escape and then he…he… Ed is dead. I’m sorry.

The five of the began the journey up to the peak and for most of the walk they were silent. Skye and Roza tried briefly explain to Kat what had happened to Ed, how they thought he’d hurt her and locked him up. They could not have been more wrong. And now their friend was dead.

As they approached the top of the hill and warm glow could be seem illuminating the whole area. As the got closer they could see clearly what Ed had been doing at the junk yard that day. He’d been collecting supplies to make this for them.

Everyone stood in silence for the next twenty minutes. There was nothing they could  do to bring back Ed and all this time he’d been trying to help them out.

This camp was perfect. It was far away from the zombies in town, right by the lighthouse that still functions and surrounded by torches shining out into the night. If a plane or ship came close enough they’d be bound to see them!

They returned to the camp site and discovered that not only had he found them shelter and light, but also food and drink. They sat around the fire in a quiet contemplation of the events unfolding. They vowed to make every effort to escape so that his sacrifice was not in vain.

Syn begins to pour some wine for his friends but before he’d finished everyone has retired to their tents apart from Kat.

Syn puts down the drinks and pulls her closer.

“Did I ever tell you my real name is Simon?”


“Haha yeah, but I didn’t think that suited a guy with green skin and red eyes…”

“I like it…”

“Thanks Kat.”

To Be Continued…

The situation as it stands is quite dire for the survivors.

Skye, Jaimie and Roza have fallen for a zombie trap and are locked underground with the very unpredictable Doris and Raymund trapped with them. They could flip  out and attack at any moment. But more worryingly, the monsters of Sunset Valley are now coming right for them…

Kat and Syn settled things between them and made a pact to stick together no matter what happens. They leave the island together and not alone.

The sun is setting and it has been hours since Syn left to find Kat. He has no idea of the danger the others are in and probably should have returned to find them hours ago.

A noise from a bush covered area catches their attention. Syn begins to suspect that something is very wrong but Kat rushes down the steps without stopping to think. It’s her fault that her friends are in this mess after all. There is a faint sound a voices coming from the passage way…

But before the others can react, any chance of escape is quickly extinguished. The heavy old gate come crashing to a close and locks shut behind them. Now everyone is trapped and from outside a stirring in the trees and gravel echoes down the passage way from the road above.

Too late. Roza seems to be feeling a little precarious and her anger unleashes on Kat.

We wouldn’t be in this mess if you has just stayed at the camp! Instead you run away like a little diva in a mood and now everyone is in trouble. Life was fine until you and your friends showed up and now we’re going to have to deal with the consequences!

But their argument is cute short as Skye interrupts them with a panicked look on his face…

And suddenly there is a sound of low, heavy breathing and grunting. A strange smell fills the cavern and the moans grow louder until the passageway beyond the gate is taken over by the green skinned monsters that inhabit this desolated town.

Syn approaches the gate and calls out. but what is he going to do now? There is too many of them to just run past!

A strong looking male walks forward,  taking some leadership of the hungry looking group of zombies. He looks pleased, as though his plans have succeeded and now he has them all where he wants them. Trapped underground with no way out.

Syn is strong but not even half the size of this guy, nobody said it but there is no way that Syn can take him on. Especially if the others attack. This could be the end of them all!

As the zombie comes closer Kat falls to her knees and begins to cry.

Syn did not let the size difference bother him and he marched right up to the monster man and looked him right in the eyes.

I don’t know what you think this is going to achieve. There is no cure for the infection! Eating a human will not make you human again! I don’t know if you can even understand me, but we need medicine and a doctor. I’ll help you if you’ll help me and let these people go!

But there was no flicker of remorse in the monsters eyes. Every last bit of humanity has been taken by the virus and there is no other choice than to fight their way out of this…

Simultaneously everyone shouts “Syn! No!”

But it’s too late.

His insane trait unleashes and the room is filled with terrible screams and dust fills the air.

To be Continued…

As the sun begins to rise on Sunset Valley there is a great unease in the air. Kat has been missing since yesterday. Ed was found holding a pipe covered in blood at the junkyard and brave Skye was the one to tackle him to save the rest of his friends from a bloody end. The Infection must have taken over his brain and the urge to kill grown strong that he could’t hang onto the last bit of sanity that remained. He is no longer their friend. He is one of them.

Things aren’t looking good. Three survivors have been lost already, we have to find Kat before the number becomes four.

Roza and Skye explain what went on at the junkyard to Jaime and Syn. How they had found Ed holding a bloody pipeand looking guilty. He won’t be able to break out from where we trapped him. But we still have no idea where Kat is or if she’s injured or worse…

These words sent a cold shiver down the spines of the humans. Sometimes it’s so easy to forget that Syn and Roza  are affected to too. But without trust they have nothing and nobody says a word.

They head towards the town centre to begin looking for Kat. There is an eerie stillness in the air and not even the sound of a bird is carried in the wind. They begin the long search.

A piercing scream rang through the air. It was indistinguishable as either human or zombie but terrifying none the less.

Syn decides to search for Kat alone. He’d never meant to hurt her yesterday. They had become close in the few days that they had known each other. In any other situation they’d probably be good friends. But it didn’t change the fact that no matter how nice Syn was to Kat, she’d always be afraid of him.

Morning arrives and the camp is still abandoned. Nobody has slept all night and there is  no sign of the missing survivor. Skye, Jaimie, Roza and Syn are still looking for Kat, but to no avail. Ed is still imprisoned at the junkyard.

Meanwhile, up on the hill there is a very different atmosphere. The sun is shining and Kat Sorrow is blissfully unaware  that she has put her friends in grave danger. She begins collecting some supplies to take back to camp and lessen the inevitable telling off she’ll be getting for staying out all night.

But even she is not going to enjoy this beautiful morning for much longer. Kat might have been lucky to avoid any monsters all of yesterday but today she’ not so lucky….


The trio follow the faint sound of crying over to a small wooded area. Theland is overgrown and neglected and there is a dark stairway leading down into some sort of cellar.

Could that be Kat down there? Maybe she’d hiding from something? Hiding from Ed? Is she hurt? There is no time to think about danger when that could be their friend in there, afraid and alone…


The Infected throws itself upon the skinny singer and tries with all his might to keep her down.

Why doesn’t he bite me? He’s trying to take me away!

Kat sees a split second opportunity to run and she dashes back inside the abandoned house, up the stairs and slams the door to the bedroom shut.

Hopefully that stupid thing won’t realise I’m up here and I can make a break for it when it leaves…

Oh my God Syn, I’m so happy to see you. I’ve missed you so much…

Kat and Syn spend the next few hours in an embrace, sharing their feelings and setting things straight between them. This isn’t going to be easy and who knows what will happen if they get off the island, but Kat has finally been able to see past his demon red eyes and see Syn for the the person that used to be there. Kind. Gentle. Passionate. He was still the same guy. Just a little more unpredictable at times.



‘Promise me that when your rescue finally comes to take you home… you won’t leave me behind…’

‘I promise.’


‘Umm… g… guys.. it’s not Kat. It’s…. it’s….’

To Be Continued…

In the early hours of the next morning Kat leaves the camp. Last nights events left her feeling confused and restless. Maybe there really is something there, but how can anyone trust a half zombie that you just met? He’s not all that bad but Syn clearly wants to get out of here desperately. And I bet he’d do anything to escape. That is the worrying part.

Kat remains undisturbed to enjoy her warm bath in peace. Thoughts about Syn race around in her head. Do I really like him? Should I trust him? What will happen to him when we are rescued? There are plenty of guys vying for Kats affection back in the real world, one of the perks of being famous, but she’s never felt this way before. Syn sure is handsome in a slightly green kind of way, and he can be the nicest guy… but this place really had affected him. Maybe it’s the isolation, maybe it’s the infection. Before things can go any further we have to find out.

Back at the camp it is almost lunch time. Syn informed the group that he’d seen Kat and Ed leaving together this morning, that they probably just went to get food or for a walk.

Meanwhile Kat continues to enjoy her day alone. She decides that Syn will probably get bored of her anyway and that it’s best that she just ignors him for a while. But he’s so funny. He keeps her entertained on these long boring days. He always brings back the best food for her. He goes away for hours to find things that she wants, like hair brushes and notepads. It’s not as easy as just ignoring him.

Back at the camp it’s getting late and everyone decides that Kat and Ed should be found. It’s still likely that Kat is somewhere with Ed, hiding away from Syn.

But Ed is the least of Kats problems right now. In fact, she hasn’t even seen him today. Unfortunately for Kat she has been detected by people WAY more crazed than Eddy.

But she manages to run away fast en0ugh this time.

Kat was about to cause more trouble than she even realised. Everybody else is going mad with worry whilst she dreams her problems away. Not far across town everything is about to be turned upside down and a great injustice made…

And with a great swipe Skye knocks Ed to the floor and drags him into the small office next to the junkyard. Skye’s love for his friend is stronger than this monster of a man. The rest of the group must be informed of their friends turn against them immediately.

This should keep him locked up for the time being whilst they continue to search for Kat and to pray that she’s still ok.


Day Four – Friendship

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The survivors have been on the beach for four days. These days have seen the loss of two friends and the return of one. Even if Ed is not quite himself any more, everyone is glad to have him back.

Roza and Syn open up to the group and an agreement is made amongst them to work together to get off the island. The company of the sibling half moster -half Sims provides a security for the cast aways. This place is crawling with things trying to eat them, with these two around to protect them, everybody is happier. They have not given up hope on escaping. There is still a chance of rescue and if they all work together there has to be a way to let the rest of the world know they are trapped here.

They make plans to gather as many supplies as possible from the town. But before the mission the group relax for the first time and use some of the local facilities with Roza and Syn watching out for them. The zombies are afraid of water so the pool still looks just like it did before the disaster struck and for a while this could be mistaken for a normal scene from a normal town. Apart from the green, flesh eating people, of course.

Things are still incredibly tense for everybody. If a Simfected zombie was to see the humans they would surely attack. The only thing that drives these creatures is to find a cure, and unfortunately for us, the cure is an uninfected Sim.

The tragic news about Doris that morning was still fresh in everyone’s mind. This is about survival now. More than friendship, more than love. There is no place for courageous gestures.

Of course Syn did not join Kat in the pool because zombies are afraid of water, remember…

And then Skye  did something that Roza was completely unprepared for… it is her the first human contact in so long and it feels amazing…

Jaimie was right, staying in one place for too long is a bad idea. It is time to brave the supermarket. There is still tinned food inside, enough to last them for months should they be here that long.

They quickly grab some food then Syn sends Roza back down to the beach with the humans.

“Just give me half an hour, you’ll like what I have planned.” he says.

I wonder what he has up his sleeve now. We must not forget that he is quite insane himself.

Syn gives everybody a delicious meal of toasted corn and tinned beans. It might not sound like much but this if the most fulfilling meal they’ve had in ages. Maybe life like this wouldn’t be so bad for another day or so. At least no-one will starve and they are relatively safe.

After the meal Syn and Kat take a walk along the beach. Everybody else is at the camp with Ed, who is looking worse and worse by the day. He needs help soon.

‘Do I like him too? I think I…I do. He’s really nice to me but he is half monster, what would my friends think… but he’s so funny and he’s kind… oh what the hell!’

“We should just be friends.”

Back at the camp another friendship is blossoming. Over the past few days Skye and Roza have become good friends. Sometimes you meet the best people in the strangest of situations. And this certainly is a strange situation…

To be Continued…

Day Three – The Others

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Things are not looking good for the survivors. Raymund never returned, Ed was attacked and taken and now Doris is missing too. There is no doubt that something knows they are here.

Skye confesses that he has been keeping something a secret. Roza. Her brother. The ‘infected people’. The story she told him about Sunset Valley. The confirmation of  dangerous company all around them sends the group further into confusion.

That morning Roza returns as promised with supplies and the terrible news about Doris’s capture by her brother.

Everybody felt uneasy at Roza’s presence, yet comforted at the same time. She seems kind enough, but she clearly is not entirely the human she used to be. But surely if they had found themselves completely alone on this island then they would have no hope of ever getting home. Any hope was welcomed.

Further along the road some one else found himself hoping too. Hoping that since he’d caugh one human, there must be more. Maybe this was his saving grace.

Others?? There is something going on here and I’m going to find out what it is! I bet Roza has something to do with it!

And with that Syn stomped off down the road to see what his trouble making little sister is up to…

Maybe Roza was wrong about her brother. Maybe he was just desperate for some company too. The air is tense as the group discuss how they might get home. There is a boat up at Syn and Rozas home, but it is broken and nobody knows how far the next island might be. As the night draws closer it becomes clear that co-operation could get them all out of here, even the zombie siblings.

Syn has more on his mind than just escaping. He has two very cute girls trapped on this island with him now. These are the only two real girls he has seen in a VERY long time.

But before there was any more time for flirting the group suddenly remembered something.

Oh no, Doris, we forgot about her!!

To be Continued…

They had no choice but to leave Ed behind. Skye and Kat race back to the camp and try to explain what happened. There are things out there! They look human but they act like Zombies. Is that what they are? Zombies?! Two people have already been captured and who knows what might have happened to them. Maybe they’re dead already.

The four remaining survivors decide that they should sleep in shifts with one person always on guard. Skye offers to take the first shift. Maybe the strange girl will come back tonight like she promised?

Skye waited for hours and there was no sign of the girl. Jaimie and Kat are sleeping soundly and Doris seems to be asleep too. Maybe it would be okay if he went out to the road to look for the girl? The place he had first seen her was only a little way down there. He could go and check and be back in minutes. What if she can get them out of this hell hole? He decides that he has to find out, for the sake of the group, and he decides to walk a little further.

Doris is not asleep. She has had enough of these kids hiding things from her. If they won’t look for Raymund then she will. He has to be alive out there somewhere.

With Skye out of sight she leaves the camp to look for him.

Skye sees the girl!

“About 3 years ago Sunset Valley was just a town like any other. This was a fun place to live and every body was happy. Nobody even thought about what could lie beyond the mountains and sea. Then one day people started to travel. They went to far off countries and learned about things they could only dream about before. They brought foreign germs back with them. And that’s when it started. Just a virus they said. Within a week the town decended into chaos. Every one had the virus, we were all infected. The adults went crazy, most of the children died or were never seen again. They are still functioning as people, but the only thing they can think about is the cure.

This is the bad part. They think that the only way to cure the insanity is to eat a non infected person. So if any of them catch you well, you’re dinner…

I’m not insane. My brother and I were weird kids that spent a lot of time living in basements underground, for fun. When we heard about the virus we stole food and hid for weeks. They think we’re one of them, but we’re not. My brother is more affected than me, he has his crazy moments, but you should really stay away from him. He’s smarter than he looks. My parents will probably try to eat you. But me, I’m fine. Mostly”

Skye suddenly realises he must have been away from the camp for ages. He tells the Roza to follow him back but she replies that she will bring some supplies of food and blankets in the morning.

Skye is lucky enough to get home safely and not to be seen by Roza’s crazy brother. But some one else is not…